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Jewish Heritage Round Tour in Turkey
(12 Days - 11 Nights)

Istanbul ,Cappadocia,Konya (Iconium) , Pamukkale (Hierapolis), Ephesus & Izmir (Smyrna).


Jewish Heritage Round Tour in Turkey
(7 Days - 6 Nights)

Istanbul, Ephesus, Sardes and Izmir (Smyrna)


Mini Jewish Heritage Tour in Izmir
(2 Days - 1 Night)

Izmir (Smyrna) to see the Beth Israel Synagogue.
Take a ride on the Asansör, Sardes, Ephesus


Mini Jewish Heritage Tour in Istanbul

Neve Shalom & Ashkenazi Synagogues, drive to Balat along the Golden Horn where the Star of David appears on the facades of some buildings.



On the midnight of August 2nd 1492, when Columbus embarked on what would become his most famous expedition to the New World, his fleet departed from the relatively unknown seaport of Palos because the shipping lanes of Cadiz and Seville were clogged with Sephardic Jews expelled from Spain by the Edict of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain.

The Jews forced either to convert to Christianity or to "leave" the country under menace "they dare not return... not so much as to take a step on them not trespass upon them in any manner whatsoever" left their land, their property, their belongings all that was theirs and familiar to them rather than abandon their beliefs, their. traditions, their heritage. Click for More Information

The Jewish Community is of course a very small group in Turkey today, considering that the total population - 99% Muslim - exceeds 67 million. But in spite of their number the Jews have distinguished themselves. There are several Jewish professors teaching at the Universities of Istanbul and Ankara, and many Turkish Jews are prominent in business, industry, liberal professions and journalism.(1) Mark Alan Epstein, "The Ottoman Jewish Communities and their role in the 15th and 16th centuries"
(2) Joseph Nehama, "Histoire des Israelites de Salonique"

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