Pamukkale Air Balloon Flight

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Tour is a 3-hour program that begins with a hotel pick-up about 1 hour before sunrise. As you will arrive at the take-off field, you will watch the inflation of the hot-air balloons while enjoying taking as many pictures as you like. Our licensed Pilots will give you a short safety briefing, then you will climb into the basket and get ready for a spectacular flight.

Rise to altitudes of roughly 1000 meters for panoramic views of Pamukkale and her white cliffs. Drift through the ancient cities of Hierapolis, Necropolis, and thermal baths. We plan our flights for approximately 1 hour, but according to wind or weather conditions, flight time can change to 1.5 hours. As we land, you will enjoy a traditional celebration party with Champagne toasts. You will also receive a personalized flight certificate.


You can enjoy the view from the sky through the 1.5-hour flight with its specially selected take-off points, and with the long flight, you can take plenty of pictures and get the chance to see more places.


Although balloons can vary in size, our balloons can welcome between 12-16 people and consist of 4 sections.


We will provide transfers for you from your respective hotels before the flight as well as after.


All of our passengers are insured by Eureko and also covers passengers in the minibusses used in transfers.


After the flight ends, we will celebrate with a champagne toast to commemorate a safe landing, in the tradition of the first balloon flight in 1873.


We also provide you with a flight certificate that is issued in your name as a reminder of this unmatched adventure.


Unfortunately, for your flight safety, we cannot accept children under the age of 5, pregnant women, and passengers who do not have the physical strength of standing for 1 hour.


You may have a flight video after landing, please ask your pilot.

pamukkale air balloon