Unveiling the Wonders: A 14-Day Turkey Tour Itinerary from Marmaris­Dalyan to Pamukkale

Day 1: Exploring Dalyan

From Marmaris, a scenic ride along the Dalyan River leads to the ancient city of Kaunos, where you can explore the well-preserved ruins of an amphitheater, rock-cut tombs, and a Roman bath. The highlight of this excursion is the mesmerizing Dalyan Mud Baths, renowned for their therapeutic properties. Immerse yourself in the mineral-rich mud for a unique spa experience, followed by a refreshing dip in the rejuvenating thermal waters.

After a day of exploration, indulge in the local culinary delights at one of the waterfront restaurants, savoring freshly caught seafood and traditional Turkish mezes as the sun sets over the horizon, marking the perfect start to your 14-day adventure.Overnight in Fethiye

Distance between Dalyan and Marmaris: 86 kilometers. Duration between Dalyan and Marmaris: 1 hour 40 minutes. Distance between Dalyan and Fethiye: 63 kilometers. Duration between Dalyan and Fethiye: 1 hour 26 minutes.

Day 2: Discovering Oludeniz, Saklikent, Xantos, Kas, and Kekova

The second day takes you on a captivating journey to Oludeniz, a postcard-perfect beach resort nestled against a backdrop of lush hills and the turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon. Whether you prefer basking in the sun on the pristine beach or seeking adrenaline-pumping activities like paragliding, Oludeniz offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

From Oludeniz, venture to Saklikent Gorge, a natural wonder carved by the rushing waters over centuries. Hike through the narrow canyon, marveling at the sheer cliffs and crystal-clear streams that cut through the rugged terrain. For the fearless at heart, dare to wade through the icy waters for an unforgettable experience.

Continuing the journey, the quaint town of Kas awaits, offering a charming blend of ancient ruins, vibrant markets, and a laid-back atmosphere. Explore the sunken city of Kekova, an underwater archaeological site that tells a fascinating tale of a submerged Lycian settlement, providing a glimpse into the region’s rich history and captivating beauty. Overnight in Kas.

Distance between Fethiye and Kaş: 107 kilometers. Duration between Fethiye and Kaş: 1 hour 57 minutes.

Day 3: Visiting St. Nicholas Church and Phasalis

Day 3 is a testament to the diverse cultural and historical tapestry of Turkey as you embark on a journey to St. Nicholas Church, a revered pilgrimage site known for its association with the legendary figure of Santa Claus. Nestled in the town of Demre, the church holds significant religious and historical importance, drawing visitors from around the world to pay homage to the beloved saint.

From St. Nicholas Church, a visit to the ancient city of Phasalis offers a fascinating glimpse into the ancient Lycian civilization. Wander through the well-preserved ruins, including an imposing amphitheater, intricate mosaics, and Roman baths, all set against the backdrop of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea. The serene ambiance and evocative remnants of Phasalis make it a truly enchanting stop on your 14-day odyssey.Overnight in Antalya

Distance between Antalya and Kaş: 188 kilometers. Duration between Antalya and Kaş: 2 hours 55 minutes.

Day 4: Exploring Antalya City

Antalya, a city steeped in history and adorned with stunning beaches, beckons with its unique blend of ancient wonders and modern amenities. Begin your exploration at the historic Old Town, known as Kaleici, where narrow cobblestone streets wind past charming Ottoman-era houses, boutique shops, and cozy cafes. The iconic Hadrian’s Gate stands as a testament to the city’s Roman past, offering a striking architectural marvel.

For a deeper dive into Antalya’s rich history, a visit to the Antalya Museum is a must. Housing an impressive collection of artifacts, including intricate statues, ancient jewelry, and relics from the region’s diverse civilizations, the museum provides a comprehensive overview of Anatolian heritage, making it a treasure trove for history enthusiasts.

As evening descends, a leisurely stroll along the palm-lined promenade of Konyaalti Beach presents the perfect opportunity to unwind and soak in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean coastline, setting the stage for an unforgettable day in Antalya.Overnight in Antalya

Antalya city center 50 km

Day 5: Aspendos, Perge, Manavgat Waterfall, and Side Sunset

Day 5 is a captivating blend of ancient marvels and natural splendor, beginning with a visit to the ancient city of Perge, a testament to the grandeur of the Roman Empire. Explore the remarkably preserved ruins, including an imposing amphitheater, intricate mosaics, and an awe-inspiring stadium, each offering a glimpse into the opulence and sophistication of antiquity.

From Perge, journey to Aspendos, home to one of the best-preserved Roman theaters in the world. Marvel at the architectural prowess of this ancient amphitheater, which continues to echo with the legacy of classical performances, providing a window into the artistic and cultural heritage of the region.

The next stop on this day’s itinerary is the awe-inspiring Manavgat Waterfall, where the thundering cascade of pristine waters amidst lush greenery creates a tranquil oasis, inviting visitors to unwind and connect with nature. After immersing in the natural beauty of the waterfall, head to the ancient city of Side, renowned for its stunning sunset vistas over the Mediterranean. Find a serene spot along the coastline, and witness the sky ablaze with vibrant hues as the sun dips below the horizon, painting a mesmerizing picture of the perfect day.Overnight in Manavgat.

Distance between Antalya and Manavgat: 80 kilometers. Duration between Antalya and Manavgat: 1 hour 18 minutes.

Day 6: Journey to Konya and Sultanhan

The sixth day of the itinerary takes you on a journey to the historic city of Konya, a cultural hub renowned for its association with the iconic Sufi mystic, Rumi. Begin your exploration at the Mevlana Museum, a spiritual sanctuary that pays homage to the life and teachings of Rumi, featuring beautifully adorned mausoleums, mesmerizing exhibits, and a tranquil ambiance that invites contemplation and introspection.

Distance between Konya and Manavgat: 228 kilometers. Duration between Konya and Manavgat: 3 hours 23 minutes.

From Konya, continue your journey to Sultanhan, an ancient caravanserai that once served as a vital stop along the Silk Road. The well-preserved architectural marvel of Sultanhan offers a glimpse into the bustling trade routes and the rich tapestry of cultures that converged at this historic crossroads, providing a fascinating window into the region’s commercial and cultural heritage. Overnight in Cappadocia.

Distance between Konya and Ürgüp: 245 kilometers. Duration between Konya and Ürgüp: 4 hours 16 minutes.

Day 7: Experiencing the Cappadocia Red Tour

Cappadocia, a land of otherworldly landscapes and ancient cave dwellings, sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure on the seventh day of the itinerary. The Red Tour, one of the most iconic experiences in Cappadocia, takes you on a captivating journey through the region’s most spectacular landmarks, beginning with the UNESCO-listed Goreme Open-Air Museum. Explore the intricately carved cave churches adorned with ancient frescoes, offering a glimpse into the religious and artistic legacy of Cappadocia’s early Christian communities.

From Goreme, venture to the ancient rock-cut monastic complex of Cavusin, where labyrinthine tunnels and hidden chambers invite exploration, revealing the architectural ingenuity of the region’s early inhabitants. The tour continues with a visit to Pasabag Valley, known for its whimsical fairy chimneys and peculiar rock formations that defy the laws of nature, creating a surreal and enchanting backdrop for your adventure.

As the day draws to a close, marvel at the panoramic vistas from the Uchisar Castle, perched atop a towering rock pinnacle, offering breathtaking views of the sweeping landscapes and the iconic cone-shaped formations that define Cappadocia’s unique allure. Overnight in Cappadocia.

Day 8: Adventure through the Cappadocia Green Tour

The eighth day of the itinerary invites you to delve deeper into the mystical landscapes of Cappadocia with the Green Tour, a mesmerizing adventure that unveils the region’s hidden gems and natural wonders. Begin your day with a visit to the picturesque Derinkuyu Underground City, a subterranean marvel that once sheltered ancient communities, featuring intricate tunnels, living quarters, and even a church, all carved into the soft volcanic rock.

From the underground city, journey to the Ihlara Valley, a verdant oasis adorned with lush vegetation, meandering rivers, and towering cliffs that create a serene haven for nature lovers and hikers. Embark on a leisurely trek through the valley, marveling at the ancient rock-cut churches adorned with vibrant frescoes, each narrating tales of faith and artistic expression dating back centuries.

The Green Tour continues with a visit to the Selime Monastery, perched atop a rocky outcrop and offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Explore the labyrinthine chambers, hidden passageways, and the evocative remnants of this ancient monastery, providing a deep insight into the religious and cultural heritage of Cappadocia. Overnight in Cappadocia.

Day 9: Exploring the Old City of Istanbul

The ninth day of the itinerary marks a transition to the vibrant metropolis of Istanbul, where the ancient and modern coexist in perfect harmony. Begin your exploration at the historic heart of the city, the Old City, which encompasses iconic landmarks such as the awe-inspiring Hagia Sophia. Step inside this architectural marvel, where the grandeur of Byzantine architecture and the intricate beauty of Islamic art converge, creating a transcendent experience that embodies Istanbul’s rich and diverse heritage.

From Hagia Sophia, make your way to the majestic Blue Mosque, renowned for its exquisite tile work, towering minarets, and a sense of serenity that invites contemplation and reverence. The Hippodrome of Constantinople, once a bustling chariot racing arena, now offers a tranquil space to soak in the historic monuments and the vibrant atmosphere that defines this iconic square.

As the day unfolds, lose yourself in the labyrinthine lanes of the Grand Bazaar, a sensory delight that beckons with its myriad of treasures, from intricate carpets and exquisite jewelry to aromatic spices and traditional handicrafts, offering a glimpse into Istanbul’s vibrant tapestry of commerce and culture. Overnight in Istanbul

Day 10: Cruising the Bosphorus in Istanbul

On the tenth day of the itinerary, embark on a captivating Bosphorus cruise, offering a unique perspective of Istanbul’s timeless beauty and the seamless blend of Europe and Asia. Board a traditional boat and set sail along the strait, where the iconic skyline of Istanbul unfolds, adorned with majestic palaces, historic fortresses, and the bustling activity of the waterfront.

As you cruise between the continents, marvel at the architectural splendor of the Dolmabahce Palace, the imposing Rumeli Fortress, and the iconic Bosphorus Bridge, each standing as a testament to the city’s magnificent past and vibrant present. The serene waters of the Bosphorus offer a tranquil respite from the urban bustle, inviting contemplation and appreciation of the city’s unique position straddling two continents.

The cruise culminates with a visit to the charming fishing village of Ortakoy, where a leisurely stroll along the waterfront presents an opportunity to savor delectable Turkish delicacies at the local eateries and explore the vibrant artisan market, creating a perfect blend of relaxation and cultural immersion. Overnight in Istanbul

Day 11: Unveiling Troy and Gallipoli

The eleventh day of the itinerary delves into the rich historical tapestry of Turkey, beginning with a journey to the ancient city of Troy, immortalized in Homer’s epic tale, the Iliad. Explore the evocative ruins of this legendary city, including the iconic Wooden Horse, archaeological remains, and the remnants of ancient fortifications that offer a glimpse into the mythical and historical layers of Troy’s legacy.

From Troy, the itinerary leads to Gallipoli, a poignant site that holds deep significance as the battleground of a pivotal World War I campaign. Visit the solemn memorials, cemeteries, and historical landmarks that pay tribute to the valor and sacrifices of the soldiers who fought on these hallowed grounds, offering a profound opportunity for reflection and remembrance.

As the day unfolds, the narratives of Troy and Gallipoli intertwine, weaving a compelling tapestry of human resilience, heroism, and the enduring spirit that defines the collective memory of these historic sites, leaving an indelible impression on your 14-day journey.Overnight in Çanakkale

Distance between Gallipoli and Istanbul: 274 kilometers.
Duration between Gallipoli and Istanbul: 3 hours 46 minutes.
Distance between Troy and Gallipoli: 120 kilometers.
Time between Troy and Gallipoli: 2 hours 6 minutes.

Day 12: Discovering Pergamon

Day 12 invites you to unravel the ancient splendor of Pergamon, a city renowned for its cultural and intellectual achievements that rivaled the grandeur of Athens. Begin your exploration at the ancient Acropolis of Pergamon, where the imposing ruins of the Library of Pergamum, the Temple of Trajan, and the Great Altar offer a testament to the city’s architectural prowess and intellectual legacy.

From the Acropolis, journey to the Asclepion of Pergamon, an ancient medical center dedicated to the Greek god of healing, Asclepius. Wander through the remnants of this therapeutic sanctuary, where innovative medical practices, holistic healing, and spiritual rejuvenation were practiced, offering a glimpse into the ancient world’s approach to wellness and well-being. As evening descends, the panoramic vistas from the hillside theater of Pergamon provide a breathtaking backdrop for reflection, as the remnants of this ancient city come alive with the whispers of history, inviting you to immerse in the timeless allure of Pergamon. Overnight in Kusadasi.

Distance between Bergama and Kuşadası: 195 kilometers.
Duration between Bergama and Kuşadası: 3 hours 15 minutes.

Day 13: Exploring Ephesus

Day 13 unfolds with a journey to Ephesus, an ancient city that stands as a testament to the grandeur of classical civilization and the zenith of Hellenistic and Roman cultural influence. Begin your exploration at the iconic Library of Celsus, an architectural marvel that embodies the intellectual and artistic achievements of the ancient world, offering a glimpse into the city’s scholarly legacy and architectural opulence.

Finally, Then we will continue on the tour and head on for our next stop which is the Temple of Artemis (Diana), this outstanding temple was built in honor of the Greek Goddess of hunting, wild nature, and fertility, deemed as one of the Seven wonders of the ancient world. The temple of Artemis used to be the largest marble temple in the ancient Greek world since it was four times as big as the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.Overnight in Kusadasi.

Day 14: Exploring Pamukkale

The Pamukkale entrance consists of 2 gates, North and South. We start our tour from the North gate. First, we visit the Ancient City of Hierapolis with our Tour Guide. In this magnificent city, our tour guide will tell you about the development of this ancient theater, and you will have the opportunity to see the place we call the Grand Theatre.

We will visit The Temple Of Apollo, and you will hear Its history from our guide. Afterwards, You will have a chance to see -The Nymphaeum (Monumental Fountain), Plutonium, Christian Basilica, Necropolis, and Martyrium of St. Philip. The history of those places will be mentioned by our tour guide properly.

When we finish to see Hierapolis, Our Tour guide will set you free for about 3 hours. During this time, we recommend you to see White Travertines which are magnificent as it is a Natural Wonder of the World. You can walk and swim there. Afterwards, There is also a pool named Cleopatra pool where you can swim and enjoy it with giving small amount of cost.

When the tour ends we will transfer you to Marmaris

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14-Day Turkey Tour Itinerary from Marmaris-Dalyan to Pamukkale

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14-Day Turkey Tour Itinerary from Marmaris-Dalyan to Pamukkale

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14-Day Turkey Tour Itinerary from Marmaris-Dalyan to Pamukkale

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14-Day Turkey Tour Itinerary from Marmaris-Dalyan to Pamukkale

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